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Collaboration increases productivity!

B&B Consulting Inc. continues to collaborate with our niche expertise partners across borders to better serve our customers’ needs and to ensure our services are both diverse and well-rounded.

Titan Research Group

The Titan Research Group (TRG) has worked across the border with B&B Consulting to support manufacturers’ compliance with Canadian standards allowing for product sales in the Canadian Market.

TRG is a privately owned Canadian Corporation established in 2006. They have diverse expertise and knowledge in the fields of pressure equipment design, codes and standards applications, and national regulatory and inspection requirements.

TRG has extensive experience working with leading multinational engineering, those breaking out into international trade, and manufacturing companies of all descriptions, providing effective and efficient industry solutions to their clients around the globe.

Services offered by TRG:

  • Canadian Registration Number Help
  • End-to-End QA
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Code Engineering
  • Design Engineering
  • On-site Quality Management and Inspection
  • Lab Testing

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