Product Regulatory Compliance

Assisting manufacturers to ensure their products meet the regulatory requirements of their intended markets.

B&B Consulting Inc. is focused on products and processes. The goal is to assist manufacturers to ensure their products meet the regulatory requirements of their intended markets. This means designing compliance into the product. To be proactive in the planning and design it can help save the client potential shipping delays. B&B Consulting is able to work with companies or individuals who are looking to outsource the regulatory and compliance function of their business.

Most product designs start with internally developed Marketing Specifications. There will be a section concerning Compliance Requirements, B&B Consulting can assist you to make sure these are the correct standards for your product and its intended use and market.

  • US Certification
  • Canadian Certification
  • ATEX Certification
  • IECEX Certification
  • NSF Certification

We can assist in getting your product evaluated and approved by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL). and/or Notified Body (NoBo.) B&B Consulting is not a test house and does not have test capabilities.

B&B Consulting specializes in advising which requirements are applicable to your product and can assist you in all your agency submittals.

Agencies We Work With:

After Manufacturing: Once the product is designed, released to manufacturing and in production, the regulatory requirements don’t end. For completed product there are end-of line production tests to be done and factory/product audits to be done periodically to ensure that there have been no changes to the product – design or component –that would cause it to become non-compliant. B&B Consulting can work with your manufacturing engineering to train in these areas and/or perform the periodic audits as well as resolve non-conformances that may occur. If components are changed there may be follow-up tests required or reports to be modified.


About This process. We can quote on your compliance project. This can vary on the completeness of your design, drawings, installation and operation instructions and may also depend on your component supply chain. We then walk you through the process:

Step 1. Review your Initial Documents

Step 2. We compile the RFQ submittal package to the NRTL and/or NoBO, including review of your end customers and market segments.

Step 3. We work with you on producing the required samples for evaluation and testing with the NoBo, including:

  1. Production value samples (not prototype)
  2. Quantities of samples
  3. Configuration of samples

Step 4. Work with you to go through the questions that arise during the testing process with the NoBo/NRTL, and provide guidance.

Step 5. We provide an in depth review of the NRTL draft report including:

  1. Making suggested corrections to test report
  2. Clarifying the test report findings
  3. Verifying that the report is in line with the original scope of work
  4. Verification of the drawing revisions included
  5. Verification of the document schedule

Step 6. Stay with your project until you receive your final product certification.








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